rusty adventures

Hey there! This is the art blog of Crystal Lee. I'm from Vancouver and currently living in Toronto. When I'm not making stuff I am wishing that I was. I like things that are either cute and playful or completely terrifying.


She can show you a good time.

Tigers and dogs oh my! For an article about Blind Tiger Comedy School in Vancouver

Illustration for the Courier, for a story about a tattoo and its journey from one person to two that fall in love.

A little spot done for the lovely Capilano Courier, for the article titled “Canada’s Top Ad Executive”. 

At the root of every lie… Is a carrot?!

Come sail with me… On my banana boat! 

Illustration for an article about assimilation by Western forces.

An illustration for an article titled “Hallmark Halloween”, which speaks in general of the commercialization of Halloween, but also how we should feel free to rock fun outfits anytime of the year.

Started this illustration way back but never finished it. Worked on it a bit, I think this is close as it’s going to get now! 

Part 2 of the Edgar Allan Poe Tell Tale Heart series, it represents the perceived talking of spirits that drove the main character insane.

Happy Halloween weekend everyone!!!

Illustration for the Capilano Courier, article titled “Pushing for Compromise: The Real Oil Sands Problem”. The bottom line is that oil companies need to put more resources into cleaning and protecting the environment. 

Illustration for an article about being drunk in exotic places. The writer stumbled upon a crazy experience involving an abandoned hostel and partying skateboarders.

Illustration for an article in Capilano Courier, about the art of food preparation.